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Anti Human PKC Panel of Polyclonal Antibodies

Product Overview

This panel contains one vial of each of the following antibodies: PK10, PK15, PK20, PK25, PK30, PK35, PK40 and PK45; and is useful for screening relative expression of PKC isoforms (alpha, beta I, beta II, gamma, delta, epsilon, zeta, and eta). Each vial contains sufficient antibody for at least 5 Western blots.

PK10 Anti-PKC-alpha (Human) Peptide = 662Q-F-V-H-P-I-L-Q-S-S-V672
PK15 Anti-PKC-beta I (Human) Peptide = 661S-Y-T-N-P-E-F-V-I-N-V671
PK20 Anti-PKC-beta II (Human) Peptide = 661F-V-N-S-E-F-L-K-P-E-V-K-S673
PK25 Anti-PKC-gamma (Human) Peptide = 681V-H-P-D-A-R-S-P-I-S-P-T-P-V-P-V-M697
PK30 Anti-PKC-delta (Human) Peptide = 658 S-A-F-A-G-F-S-F-V-N-P-K-F-E-H-L-L-E-D 676
PK35 Anti-PKC-epsilon (Human) Peptide = 721 N-Q-E-E-F-K-G-F-S-Y-F-G-E-D-L-M-P 737
PK40 Anti-PKC-zeta (Human) Peptide = 575 F-E-G-F-E-Y-I-N-P-L-L-L-S-T-E-E-S-V 592
PK45 Anti-PKC-eta (Human) Peptide = 666 N-Q-D-E-F-R-N-F-S-Y-V-S-P-E-L-Q-P 683

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