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Product CAT.# Size Price
Ac-TVASSSTA Octapeptide PI14 5.0 mg $635.00
Active Human PAI-1 functional assay kit PI90 Kit $650.00
Active Human uPA Functional Assay Kit PL91 Kit $650.00
Active Mouse tPA (recombinant) PA56 0.1 mg $455.00
Active mouse uPA Functional Assay Kit PL92 Kit $650.00
Active Mouse Urokinase, Alexa Fluor 700 Labeled VA56 0.05 mg $650.00
Active Murine PAI-1 functional assay kit PI91 Kit $650.00
Active Pig PAI-1 Functional Assay Kit PI95 Kit $650.00
Active porcine tPA functional assay UP60 Kit $650.00
Active porcine tPA, recombinant UP59 0.1 mg $600.00