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Human PAI-1 N-Terminal cys mutant (stable mutant)

Product Overview

These Human PAI-1 are cloned wild type active or wild type latent forms with a cysteine residue coupled to the N-terminus. All fractions are greater than 95% pure. Active form is greater than 98% active and the Latent  form is less than 0.04% active. All are supplied in buffer with 1 mM DTT to prevent dimerization and available untagged or with Biotin labeling.

PI80 PAI-1(Human), Active wt, N-Cys
PI83 PAI-1(Human), Active wt, N-Cys-Biotin
PI81 PAI-1(Human), Latent wt, N-Cys
PI84 PAI-1(Human), Latent wt, N-Cys-Biotin
PI82 PAI-1(Human), Stable mutant, N-Cys
PI85 PAI-1(Human), Stable mutant, N-Cys-Biotin

Spec Sheet